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~ Stationaries All The Way From Japan ~ USUPSO Store Launch ~

Hi everyone,

It been such a long time since i posted something on my blog.
Social networking sometimes gives you troubles you have never thought of before.Due to some technical issues in my account..i was not able to access my blog for few months.I lost complete track of my security key linked with the account ..........and things shaped up in a way,that setting things back took quite a long time.
well,finally i got back my account and it is difficult to express  how much i missed writing blogs.

In between few things happened about which i would have definitely wrote on my blog,if it was the collapse of Majerhat bridge in my city(kolkata),the earthquake along with tsunami in Indonesia,the earthquake in Japan,Flood in kerala......
Prayers to those affected.

well,since i am writing after so many days..i have so much to write about.
In between all these happening...A major thing struck Kolkata too!
any guesses what it was??

~~Its USUPSO:)

⇉What's USUPSO?

Well, for Those who ar…
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Because nothing makes you happier than Chocolates in collab with Rage Chocolatier

Do you know that chocolates are considered good for health?!
It is considered good to have some chocolates at times.They help in maintaining cholesterol levels and also prevents heart diseases.They help in keeping brain healthy.So,next time when you eat a piece of chocolate,dont be guilty!

Today i will share few things about a brand,that is exclusive to making assorted range of premium chocolates.The brand is known for its various range of assorted flavored chocolates.These are perfect for gifting too!

RAGE CHOCOLATIER endeavor to create a blissful chocolatey experience has led to some of the finest handcrafted homemade chocolates that melt into your senses, not just in your mouth.Rage symbolizes an “object of widespread enthusiasm" and comes from the saying "all the rage". Our name is inspired by the motive to create Rage with our chocolates – that fervent magic, that marks the beginning of grandeur and goes on to become a rage. A guru in premium choco…

Fragrance for Every Mood in collaboration with Scentrix Collection


Sorry for being so inactive on bog since few weeks.It was a tough time at work and there was so much to do.Being a part time blogger is not at all easy,especially when your work is so much pressurising with only a day off!
anyways,that's what life is all about.

Today i am back with another post on blog,and it is perfumes for one more time.I have explained and reviewed fragrances so many times till now that i can almost write a small book on it.Jk! ;D
The brand i will be reviewing today is something that will excite most of us.why,read on to know that!


The brand in today's highlight is SCENTRIX COLLECTION.
Scentrix Collection is a recently started brand that deliveres copy of high end designer perufmes. Apart from that they are also into making OUDH perfumes,which are my all time favourite.OUDH are basically Arabian scents,they are strong and mild at the same time.These oudh perfumes are alcohol free and are must for everyone.


I recieved one of their perfum…

International Makeup at an affordable price | Gala Of London

Hi peeps,

Wedding season is here!

And what goes constant with wedding season is the need of makeup.Although i am not someone who take makeup as a mandatory part of daily routine,yet makeup is a necessity at times.It makes us feel more beautiful,and most importantly increases self confidence.
International makeup are so much in demand these day.We are ready to pay high custom rates to get them delivered to our doorstep,and then drool over them once delivered.No doubt that these international makeup brand have some really amazing collection of products and shades to choose from,and that is why people are so obsessed with owning them.
On the other side,there are brands that are offering good quality of international products at an affordable price.These brands aims more toward customer satisfaction.They are true to their product and their quality,Although the quality may at times be not as good as those highly prices products,but doing justice to the price at which you are buying them.